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It started with a cat.

It started with a cat,it usually does round here……….I got up and discovered that one of the mogs had been sick in the food bowl (little darling) so I emptied it, but didn’t refill it soon enough it seems,hungry cats catch mice !
Claude the cat told me about the next problem,he was rooting around in the bottom of the pantry obviously after wildlife that had escaped his maws…….so I emptied the bottom of the pantry and a mouse jumped over my feet and ran under the washing machine.
So….I mumbled abuse at the cat then pulled out the washer,the cat caught the mouse and ran off out through the cat-flap with it. All to the good,except behind the machine was filthy,I had no washing to do and daughter number 3 is having the machine anyway.
Off I went, like a bull in a china shop,  in that way I have……I cleaned behind the machine and then thought..’hmm no washing to do until Monday I will disconnect the machine so it is all ready to go.First I disconnected the waste pipe only to discover that the one way valve had failed and when I emptied stuff into the sink it came out in the cupboard below………So I had a thunk and decided I would and could still do some things….I turned off the tap where the washing machine filler pipe thingy connects and unscrewed the pipe……water everywhere and air blue from my language…..I reconnected the pipe ,turned off the water at the mains and then disconnected the water pipe again.
Now I can’t use the kitchen sink or water…….so I get in the new machine from the shed(thanks daughter number 2) which is an amazing feat of manoeuvring involving the use of sack barrow,mobility scooter and grunting,groaning and yet more bad language. So now I have a washing machine that works with lots of lights and digital stuff and no destructions,a spare one in the middle of the kitchen and I can’t get to the cooker,so muesli for dinner and shower and now I am in bed racked with spasms and pains.But I bloody beat it and the mouse got eaten,I even remembered to re-feed the cats.