Johnny Foreigner isn’t the problem the right-wing are. (Rambling again)

Our country was ticking along fairly well,we could have done with a more productive economy(making things as well as selling and serving them) but having lost mining and ship-building(1) amongst others we were muddling along. No one was starved or deliberately made destitute by the state.
Then the banks gambled once too often with our and the countries money,everything crashed and we nearly bankrupt the nation bailing them out,and as is the way of things that vocal minority who once were skin-headed boot-boys and football hooligans blamed it on people they considered not of their tribe. Their moans were picked up on by right-wing political parties and press, in whose favour it was ,that the money market gamblers didn’t take the blame. So more people came to hear that it was the fault of Johnny Foreigner and everyone voted UKIP locally,thinking that because Farage(2) liked a smoke with his pint he was ‘one of us’ except of course he is a hypocrite of the first degree,wants rid of foreign incomers except of course his German wife,tells everyone the NHS needs to be privatised, until he is out campaigning proper, when suddenly he is the NHS best friend forever,and nobody noticed he was an ex gambler commodities trader.
When that only worked locally everyone read the daily mail and decided that it’s opinions(obviously not those of it’s owner)(anyone know of a snark mark I could insert here?) Lord Rothermere (3)one of the richest man in Britain who is also registered as a nom-dom so avoids paying his fair share) were the ones to agree with,so shed loads of sheep voted conservative and are now crying because their benefits are being cut or downgraded which include amongst other things unemployment benefit/sickness and disability benefit and the now famous tax credit cuts (thanks to Question Time and women who voted conservative only to find her own benefits cut).
You all moaned about Johnny Foreigner ,scroungers and health tourism, the daily mail and the conservatives like to tell you that the cost of this is a huge burden on the NHS, but when the government did a study it turns out only £70million(4) is the cost,which sounds huge,except the NHS costs £109billion a year so is really just a drop in the ocean,so now every hospital,clinic and GP surgery spends time and therefore money checking every single patient is entitled to care, probably in the end costing more than the health tourists of legend.
So where are we now ?
We have sick people being told they are well enough to work and dying(5) in desperately awful situations,no money,food or heating and even the threat of eviction. The poor in this country haven’t had a decent pay rise(6) in years yet the bankers and market gamblers are becoming wealthier(7) by the day, those with a few bob to spare don’t want to pay so the health service is now so run-down that even junior doctors only earn £23000 a year and are about to strike(8) because the conservatives (who really want to sell everything that made this nation great) are running  it down ready to flog off.So now we have less cancer drugs available,less nurses,and doctors are quitting and/or emigrating in droves and because of those who hate poor old foreigner it means that doctors and nurses will no longer be so easy to recruit from abroad.The MPs we all voted for get enormous amounts of paid expenses far exceeding anything most Brits get,who amongst you gets rent and power and council tax paid, for an extra home nearer work,all you get possibly is some mileage and £30ish a night for staying away. Their pensions are bloody enormous compared to ours and that brings me onto something else,have you ever wondered which benefits costs the country most money ? Bear in mind that all benefits used to come under the old National Insurance header. The biggest cost is pensions by a huge margin(see chart after rant).So when the conservatives realised that it was mostly xenophobic old white men who voted for them they didn’t just not cut pensions they gave them a decent raise.
We also have bedroom tax while MPs get spare homes,cuts to housing benefit for the poorest while those working pay the same, but can also own homes that they let out to rent. We have just had the conservatives announce that affordable homes are no longer a requirement for planning consent for builders,so will we be back to conservative politicians saying that the homeless are what you step over outside the theatre like Sir George Young, 6th Baronet and former MP for North West Hampshire is alleged to have done.Education is becoming more of a burden,all those older people who want to keep a decent pension and pay no tax are saying we can no longer afford a free university education having had it themselves,all those people who claimed benefits for years but now don’t qualify,including the multimillionaire PM Cameron who claimed DLA for his late son who now say other people don’t deserve it/we can’t afford it.We need Johnny Foreigner to work and pay tax because the big businesses and the wealthy don’t/won’t pay a decent share and there aren’t enough young working Brits to cover the bills.p.txt



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