I didn’t know why….

I used to blog,a lot,I can no longer  concentrate long enough to churn out daily posts,so this is my new blog, to update at a pace I can now manage.

I used to cook in a restaurant,grow all my own veggies,keep chooks, raise four kids alone, but the work became too heavy for me,I didn’t know why.

Then I got a job in the village shop,not only did the work become to heavy,I couldn’t manage to stand all day.I didn’t know why.

All this time the kids were slowly growing up and leaving home to start lives of their own.

Then I got the job of housekeeper in a big house in the village,I was paid for a set amount of hours but if it took longer it didn’t matter, as the bosses were out all day,then the week before I was going to hand in my notice as I could no longer manage(I didn’t know why) they told me redundancy was on the cards as Mrs Boss was giving up work to be a housewife.So I just about managed to stick it out.

I could barely walk but could ride a bike,I didn’t know why.

Then I was in lots of pain,the GP sent me to a rheumatologist, who sent me to a neurologist by which time I couldn’t walk, ride a bike or even stay awake long,after 2 years of appointments and tests it was found I had a rare, genetic, neurological disease,not only was it rare,mine was the only time they had seen this particular genetic error.So having found me a diagnosis, I was sent away with no real support,I haven’t seen anyone but an MS nurse in 18 months,no one wants an appointment with me and the MS nurse just reads from a check-list of questions that are irrelevant to my condition,asks what meds I want then writes to the GP with the list of medications I want she recommends, I would dispense with her services but I suspect that having an MS nurse is the only thing that keeps the ATOS vultures at bay.

So now I sit at home and get very, very angry at our government and their attitude to sick and disabled people.



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